Ton Carrera Busquets · 2011

Since 1984 Vèrtex has created programs and services for its Clients to help them control and guarantee the quality of their products.
The R+D department of Vèrtex analyses the needs of the market at every moment and develops new systems, offering original and flexible solutions so that they can be adapted to the needs of each company.
Thanks to a continuous evaluation of the product that we produce, and to the large quantity of implanted systems, we are able to continue offering new programs with very generous qualities and at unbeatable prices.
When your company acquires a Vèrtex product, you will also receive the solution to a current need as well as the guarantee of being repaid in the future by the system of quality control since through the maintenance contract we offer the newest versions o
This guarantees that the systems of quality assurance and control are always up-to-date.

Vèrtex collaborates with its clients to elaborate and purify its programs as much as possible, always offering the best features with the greatest ease of use.
Vèrtex is an active member of the A.E.C.C. (Spanish Association for Quality) and collaborates with it in congresses and shows, both national as well as European, in order to be up to date with the latest tendencies and demands in the world of quality cont
All of Vèrtex’s programs are subject to international ISO 9,000 standards in order to be compatible with all international standards, personalized standards QS-9000 for the automation sector for Ford, Renault, General Motors, and the P.S.A group...
More than 600 installations in all sectors act as a guarantee that you will trust in our excellent product and our impeccable service for a long period of time.

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